All About Seth The Speaker

Dedicated to Your Success

Served as a USAF Master Sergeant, and with 20+ years of military experience, Seth has endured, positive and negative experiences which have contributed to cultivating a (his) “hustler” mind-set.


Seth has emboldened individuals to step into their power as leaders beginning with; confronting the fears that impair their abilities and undermine success. As a father, speaker, coach and author, he desires to share learnt valuable lessons on disrupting our natural ”default” setting and embracing discomfort while facilitating forward movement.


Seth has spoken on several platforms; USAF diversity and Inclusion, The Wounded Warrior Project, and  St. Louis Metropolitan Area girls mentoring sessions, to name a few. While contributing his passion to the community, Seth is able to break-down complex concepts; making it applicable to everyday life. He, himself can offer relatable experiences which allow for him to learn with others and offer a personal connection with those he instructs. Seth possesses an infinite drive and passion to reach others.